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Alton Express Car Wash

Palm Beach Gardens best Express Wash now offering unlimited monthly packages as well as single washs

Express Car Wash

The express car wash is the fast efficient way to get your car clean. The Alton Express tunnel wash is for everyone who wants to clean their car on their own terms! Time efficient cleaning in just minutes with advanced tunnel technology. Regular car washing, including using our express car wash, helps protect your vehicle's paint and finish from environmental elements, such as dirt, dust, bird droppings, and road grime. Keeping your car clean can also prevent the accumulation of corrosive substances that may damage the exterior over time.

Time Saving

The Alton Express car wash is designed to provide quick and efficient cleaning service. It employs automated systems and specialized equipment that can clean your car in a matter of minutes. This saves you the time and effort required for hand washing or waiting in long lines at traditional car washes.

Consistent results

The Alton Express car wash utilize standardized processes and high-quality equipment to ensure consistent cleaning results. The automated systems are designed to apply the appropriate amount of soap, water, and cleaning agents, which can help maintain the finish of your car and remove dirt, grime, and contaminants effectively.

Environmentally Conscious

The Alton Express car wash implements water recycling systems and eco-friendly practices to minimize water consumption and reduce environmental impact. This facility uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and employ techniques that maximize the efficiency of water and chemical usage, making them a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional car washing methods.

Single Wash and Monthly Plans

The Alton Express car wash offer different pricing options to suit various budgets and needs. Compared to manual car washing or full-service car washes, our express car washes tends to be more affordable while still providing satisfactory cleaning results. We offer single (discount with gas purchase coming soon) and unlimited monthly packages

Lint Free Cloth

For those that are using the Alton Express wash we offer a Lint Free cloth with each wash

Free Vacuums

For all those that are using the Alton Express wash we offer the use of our commercial vacuums for free

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